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What is the meaning of listen in Hindi?

Meaning of listen in Hindi is : सुनना

Definition of word listen

  • To pay attention to a sound, to note. (verb)
  • To wait for a sound, such as a signal. (verb)
  • To accept or obey oral instruction; to agree or assent. (verb)
  • To hear (something or someone), to pay attention to. (verb)

Examples of word listen

  • I say, if you want to know where jazz is going, listen to a Bugge Wesseltoft record (it used to be _listen to a Miles Davis record_ but he's in heaven with Dizzy and the Duke). 5 solid stars.
  • While stating he is still in the * listen, listen, listen* mode and some specific goals remain to be established, Bradley noted enrollment is job one at Indiana State and he has already formed an Enrollment and Retention Task Force to develop five to 10 ways to impact enrollment and retention by fall 2009.
  • One of the first questions I ask when I look at a communication plan is, How long does it take before you see the word listen?
  • Your word, "listen", is a good one, especially the artist's need to listen to self.
  • Why would anyone who has half a brain listen to Sarah Palin?


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