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What is the meaning of literal in Hindi?

Meaning of literal in Hindi is : सीधा सपाट

Definition of word literal

  • Exactly as stated; read or understood without additional interpretation; according to the letter or verbal expression; real; not figurative or metaphorical. (adjective)
  • Following the letter or exact words; not free; not taking liberties. (adjective)
  • Consisting of, or expressed by, letters. (adjective)
  • A value, as opposed to an identifier, written into the source code of a computer program. (noun)

Examples of word literal

  • The multinational energy and oil giant made the essence of the term literal by turning its exhibition hall on the Olympic Green into a monstrous Chia pet.
  • ‘Lateral thinking’ would be helped, too, by the neural arrangement in the right brain—the sideways extension of axons even makes the phrase literal rather than figurative.
  • Nevertheless, I'm attracted to the term literal because it leads to another useful concept, "liberal" cartooning.
  • She's "a girl cut in two," still infatuated with the man who rejected her, and Chabrol makes the title literal when she becomes part of a magic act in the final scene.
  • But an alarm should sound whenever the word "literal" is used in this context, whether as a badge of pride "I just believe in reading the Bible literally" or as a hint that low-browed fundamentalists are lurking nearby.


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