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What is the meaning of lithe in Hindi?

Meaning of lithe in Hindi is : सुनम्य

Definition of word lithe

  • Mild; calm. (adjective)
  • slim but not skinny (adjective)
  • Capable of being easily bent; pliant; flexible; limber (adjective)
  • Shelter. (noun)
  • To go. (verb)
  • To become calm. (verb)
  • To make soft or mild; soften; alleviate; mitigate; lessen; smooth; palliate. (verb)
  • To give ear; attend; listen. (verb)
  • To listen to. (verb)

Examples of word lithe

  • I suppose they wanted to remind buyers of the term lithe, but I thought "stone" when I saw it.
  • A small but far from minor miracle ... a story that is both tragic and full of light and grace ... full of suspense and written in lithe, resilient prose that by itself delights.
  • In the morning we awoke in lithe, though fluttered spirits; and after breakfast, in their pleasant kitchen, with "Michael," and "Blue-eye," and "White Lady," and half-a-dozen more purring about us, we took leave of a house where we have enjoyed many pleasant hours, and once more assembled at our own as the final rendezvous.
  • What a pretty word lithe is - so pretty that in modern English it is probably most used of young women.
  • Traveling conditions must have deteriorated in the course of the Middle Ages, since 'lithe' in this sense got replaced by the French word for 'labor!'


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