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What is the meaning of littlest in Hindi?

Meaning of littlest in Hindi is :

Definition of word littlest

  • superlative form of little: most little. (adjective)

Examples of word littlest

  • I loved carrying my babes and now my littlest is 21 months and pretty much done.
  • I was talking to a friend the other day, she has younger children than I have, her littlest is only 3.
  • The littlest is here, beneath the woman's jacket; the little bones are wearing a dress — a girl, then.
  • I think when your littlest is around a year you’ll know.
  • The littlest was a scrap of a thing, and it took off only to be grabbed by the Snake and slung roughly back to stand with the other three.
  • You will notice that I am the 'littlest' of the two.
  • And for the first time in his career, when he smelt burning wood pulp and looked down at the line of messenger boys with a ready-made frown and caught the eyes of Mickey, the "littlest," smiling impudently at him,
  • Tim played on his privileges as "littlest," and his mother's barely concealed partiality, and was as irritating to his elders as a small person can be, who is always present when he is not wanted, absent when he is, in peace adopts the airs of a conqueror, and in warfare promptly cries, and collapses into a curly-headed baby boy, whom the authorities declare it is "cr-uel" to bully!
  • "littlest" of his "little loves" -- in vain he asserted that she was his patron saint, and that it was his soul's delight to pray to her; she accepted the compliment with her eyes fixed upon the manger.