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What is the meaning of lively in Hindi?

Meaning of lively in Hindi is : सजीव

Definition of word lively

  • Full of life; energetic. (adjective)
  • fizzy; foamy; tending to produce a large head in the glass (adjective)
  • Term of address. (noun)
  • In a lifelike manner; vibrantly, vividly. (adverb)

Examples of word lively

  • Ruckus's Selina Lo is what we call a lively interview subject.
  • Keeping our brains lively is a perfect task for relationships.
  • Any sport or outdoor activity provides the perfect chance to engage in lively conversation, plus the added bonus of keeping you fit.
  • We expect the readers to rivet in lively, nonetheless polite discourse.
  • New York, as well as certain lively streets in Manhattan.


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