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What is the meaning of loading in Hindi?

Meaning of loading in Hindi is : लदाई

Definition of word loading

  • The action of the verb to load. (noun)
  • A load, especially in the engineering and electrical engineering senses of force exerted, or electrical current or power supplied. (noun)
  • Present participle of load. (verb)

Examples of word loading

  • It is traditional to pay $20 Pesos which includes a tip for the driver and, as they are always helpful in loading and unloading one´s groceries, the tab for that service might call for another three pesos or so.
  • The glaring contradiction posed by the obviously symmetrical carbon dioxide concentrations in both hemispheres while the anthropogenic loading is primarily in the North.
  • "Well, Shorty, you and Mr Smoke had better begin loading the boat."
  • Front-loading is not a philosophical position so your analogy is irrelevant.
  • If you are starting or loading from a previous recipe that is not a book max load, then the Win LR or Fed 210 should be safe to interchange.


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