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What is the meaning of loathsome in Hindi?

Meaning of loathsome in Hindi is : बीभत्स

Definition of word loathsome

  • highly offensive; sickening, abominable (adjective)

Examples of word loathsome

  • $56,000 in May 2009 alone, also considered what he called the loathsome prospect of working for BP in the cleanup, but his boat was rejected.
  • Writ large throughout these dire exercises, however, is a single word, a word loathsome in its enormity, the dreadful and dire “stakeholder”.
  • Did those of them who escaped the missiles of their enemies or survived the dying decreed against them by their brutal enemies in loathsome jails and prison ships, are they not all gone?
  • I have already mastered, in loathsome persecutions and ignoble misfortunes, what would have killed most men; but there has been no dignity; no glory; I have only succeeded in avoiding being stifled and swallowed up in stinking mire.
  • A shameful destruction: He shall perish like his own dung or dunghill, so loathsome is he to God and all good men, and so willing will the world be to part with him, Ps. cxix.


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