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What is the meaning of lobe in Hindi?

Meaning of lobe in Hindi is : लौ

Definition of word lobe

  • Any projection or division, especially one of a somewhat rounded form. (noun)
  • A division of the brain. (noun)

Examples of word lobe

    • ¤Hªº¤j¸£«Ü¯S§O. ¦ pªG¤@¤Ñ¼²¿Ëmemory cortex, Åܱo¨S ¦ ³°O¾Ð; ¤S ¦ pªG¤@¤Ñ¼²¿Ëfrontal lobe, · | Åܱo³ß«ãµL± `; ¤S ¦ pªG¤@¤Ñ, ªï­± ¦ ӨӬݨ£¨º¤£·Q¨£ªº, ¸I¥®¼²¨£, memory cortex¤Îfrontal lobe· | ¦ p ¦ ó¤ÏÀ³?
    • *shoves parry-idol lobe in craynyum in bakk ob teh frontal lobe*
    • How these progressives can twist things around to fit their moral relative brain lobe amazes me.
    • Paddlefish are not closely related to sharks, but they do share some common characteristics including a skeleton primarily composed of cartilage, and a deeply forked, abbreviate heterocercal tail fin (the top fin lobe is slightly larger than the lower fin lobe).
    • Professor (Nilli) Lavie said: Because the parietal lobe is not part of the visual cortex it was at first surprising to find that activity in the parietal lobe is critical for visual awareness.


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