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What is the meaning of locatable in Hindi?

Meaning of locatable in Hindi is :

Definition of word locatable

  • Capable of being located. (adjective)
    स्थित होने में सक्षम।

Examples of word locatable

  • Both ground stations and satellites are locatable and trackable, unlike the undetectable deep water subs.
  • Why couldn't they take the name of one of the perpetrators that I found out for them, verify it with the two easily locatable witnesses that I tracked down for them, and call that kid's house to let his parents know that they were investigating his involvement in a couple of crimes that occurred that evening?
  • Calling your honey on your cell saying "I'm near the purple metal sculpture with the whirligig on it" does not make you more easily locatable.
  • On top of that, all locatable assets found, confiscated, sold and used to pay of the USA's national debt!
  • This left my doctor with little more than to explain the details of how he performs the procedure (there are many ways to do a vasectomy) and to have me drop trou so he could be sure my vas deferens were locatable.
  • Findability is 'the quality of being locatable or navigatable'.