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What is the meaning of logical in Hindi?

Meaning of logical in Hindi is : शुद्ध

Definition of word logical

  • In agreement with the principles of logic. (adjective)
  • Reasonable. (adjective)
  • Of or pertaining to logic. (adjective)
  • Non-physical or conceptual yet underpinned by something physical or actual. (adjective)

Examples of word logical

  • So I decided to study people who had very different strength and different intelligences, people like Einstein, who had what I call logical mathematical intelligence; the painter Picasso, who was spatial intelligence; Gandhi, I had an example of interpersonal intelligence, somebody who understood other people very, very well.
  • It is assumed, I suppose, that contradictions among ideas and beliefs are of various degrees and of various modes besides that specific one which we call logical incompatibility.
  • Classes or series of particulars, collected together on account of some property which makes it convenient to be able to speak of them as wholes, are what I call logical constructions or symbolic fictions.
  • He is entrenched in what he calls a logical system, and he fires off texts as if from a machine-gun.
  • The logical choice—if any choice could be called logical under such conditions—was one of the western corridors rising to an altitude of no more than ten thousand feet.


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