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What is the meaning of logically in Hindi?

Meaning of logically in Hindi is : शुद्ध रूप से

Definition of word logically

  • In a logical manner, with logic. (adverb)

Examples of word logically

  • To speak, is not to think logically; but to _think logically_ is, at the same time, to _speak_.
  • It all spirals out logically from the point before until we wind up with drugged Sheldon spilling his guts.
  • I am puzzled as to why the Court did so for that issue (other than to remain logically consistent) since the case did nothing to change the IAC playing field.
  • The plot builds to a comprehensible resolution that derives logically from the philosophical discourse.
  • You may assert that you do not know what the source of this perceived intention is but such a claim does not follow logically from the premises Daniel laid out. we still have no logical reason to think it comes from something with the characteristics we ascribe to God.


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