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What is the meaning of lonely in Hindi?

Meaning of lonely in Hindi is : सुनसान

Definition of word lonely

  • Of person, unhappy by feelings of loneliness. (adjective)
  • Of place, unfrequented by people; desolate. (adjective)
  • Of person, without companions; solitary. (adjective)

Examples of word lonely

  • I wish you could have a number one and be on top of the world, but you've heard the term lonely at the top.
  • According to Google Trends, "lonely" is the word entered most frequently by Internet users in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Telling people to go waste their money on a Bible with the promise of gold-paved streets if they cooporate, and threatening those that don't with eternal and unbearable burning in lonely darkness is ridiculous.
  • I used to indulge in lonely debauches, on nights when I knew my crew was going to sleep ashore.
  • That's the only time I'm lonely, is when I go to 'Frisco.


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