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What is the meaning of loose in Hindi?

Meaning of loose in Hindi is : स्वतः

Definition of word loose

  • To let loose, to free from restraints. (verb)
  • To unfasten, to loosen. (verb)
  • To make less tight, to loosen. (verb)
  • Of a grip or hold, to let go. (verb)
  • to shoot (an arrow) (verb)
  • To set sail. (verb)
  • Not fixed in place tightly or firmly. (adjective)
  • Not held or packaged together. (adjective)
  • Not under control. (adjective)
  • Not fitting closely (adjective)
  • Not compact. (adjective)
  • Relaxed. (adjective)
  • Indiscreet. (adjective)
  • Free from moral restraint; immoral, unchaste. (adjective)
  • Not being in the possession of any competing team during a game. (adjective)
  • The release of an arrow. (noun)
  • A state of laxity or indulgence; unrestrained freedom, abandonment. (noun)
  • begin shooting; release your arrows (interjection)
  • Common misspelling of lose. (verb)

Examples of word loose

  • There were loose ends, but there always are; that's why you have the phrase loose ends.
  • "I hate to use the word loose cannon, but he is," she said "It distresses me that Newt is pulling ahead, because I don't think he's electable at all."
  • (B) loose-slippings: never saw or heard it; the term loose chippings refers to gravel or crushed stone that has not yet been bonded into fresh asphalt in a road repair.
  • In Poland, he sought to convey lessons from those experiences to urge finance ministers from the 17-nation euro zone to speak with one voice and halt what he called "loose talk about dismantling the institutions of the euro."
  • Also Wednesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned against what he called "loose talk" about the ease of establishing a no-fly zone.


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