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What is the meaning of love in Hindi?

Meaning of love in Hindi is : स्नेह रखना

Definition of word love

  • An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. (noun)
  • A deep or abiding liking for something. (noun)
  • A profound and caring attraction towards someone. (noun)
  • The object of one’s romantic feelings; a darling or sweetheart. (noun)
  • A term of friendly address, regardless of feelings. (noun)
  • A sexual desire; sexual activity. (noun)
  • Used as the closing, before the signature, of a letter, especially between good friends or family members, or by the young. (noun)
  • Zero, no score. (noun)
  • To have a strong affection for. (verb)
  • To need, thrive on. (verb)
  • To be strongly inclined towards something; an emphatic form of like. (verb)
  • To care deeply about, to be dedicated to. (verb)
  • To derive delight from a fact or situation. (verb)
  • To lust for. (verb)
  • To have sex with, (perhaps from make love.) (verb)
  • To praise; commend. (verb)
  • To praise as of value; prize; set a price on. (verb)

Examples of word love

  • May 19th, 2009 at 12:27 am love you fergie..you are beautiful..love you.
  • I mean HELL YES it was still hard to be there when he was with another woman but God tolerates far worse from me and for my love to be pure like Gods loveÂ…
  • I define love * also known as true love* to be a hoax.
  • I have been madly, passionately in love with women that I didn't like as much as Barbara, but I was not _in love_ with her.
  • Some women think they have love when _love has them_.


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