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What is the meaning of loved in Hindi?

Meaning of loved in Hindi is :

Definition of word loved

  • Simple past tense and past participle of love. (verb)
  • Being the object of love. (adjective)

Examples of word loved

    • I loved that house, I loved everything about it, like the sweetbriar patch that always hid twitchy nosed wild bunnies and The old hunched over tree in the sideyard, where you hung all of our sun baked laundry on, and most of all, I * loved* the rolling green hill.
    • Fri 07/28/06 11:57 PM i used to really really like lindsay..loved freaky friday, loved mean girls…but now she could fall off the earth and i would be sooo happy. she looks hammered all the time anyway.
    • Palicsky declared herself robbed and wronged by "_cette incomprise d'Americaine_," whom she loved -- but _loved_, did he understand?
    • Passive_ is in regular Verbs the same; as _I loved, I have loved, I had loved, I may have loved, I might have loved, I shall have loved, I am loved_.
    • Signs_; as _to love_; or by _auxiliary Verbs_; as _I am loved, I have loved_.


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