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What is the meaning of loving in Hindi?

Meaning of loving in Hindi is : स्नेही

Definition of word loving

  • The action of the verb to love. (noun)
  • Expressing a large amount of love to other people; affectionate. (adjective)
  • Present participle of love. (verb)

Examples of word loving

  • "Nay, do not blame him; he cannot help _not_ loving me, no more than I can help _loving_ him."
  • I agree that I prefer people keep the lyrics when it's about loving a person - like if the song was about * loving* a man, I would prefer he sing it from the perspective of a gay man or a woman, rather than change the lyric.
  • Four-year-old Ian was adopted at birth by Dan Gallagher and Peter Shearer, homosexuals who have lived together in what they describe as a loving relationship for 14 years.
  • And, yet, in 2008, their label loving world where they live myopically and refuse to think globally has become claustrophobic and beside the point.
  • You know the disposition which young men and women naturally have to talk, jest, and sport with each other, out of which practice arise often more serious attachments, which they call loving par amours.


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