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What is the meaning of loyal in Hindi?

Meaning of loyal in Hindi is : स्वामिभक्त

Definition of word loyal

  • Firm in allegiance to a person or institution. (adjective)
  • Faithful to a person or cause. (adjective)

Examples of word loyal

    • Their capacity to love wholly, and unquestionable, and remain loyal is beyond any animal; indeed, in many cases, it is beyond many humans.
    • All of the above being said in the original meaning of the term loyal opposition, it meant the opposition was constructive in its criticism and suggestions.
    • As for those who claimed 'GWB is not my president' and stayed the term loyal opposition is obviously lost them.
    • Now that's what I call loyal and true American pride.
    • On that question he pretended to decline expressing an opinion; but urged the action on the false suggestion that this Grand Lodge had voluntarily repudiated her jurisdiction over what he called the loyal portion of Virginia -- and in the form of queries, argued that that portion of her territory was now a Masonic waste, in which any Grand Lodge might charter a Lodge.


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