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What is the meaning of loyalty in Hindi?

Meaning of loyalty in Hindi is : स्वामिभक्ति

Definition of word loyalty

  • The state of being loyal; fidelity. (noun)
  • Faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation. (noun)

Examples of word loyalty

  • He supported Hazel Blears for the position of deputy leader of the Labour party but his main loyalty is to himself and his career, albeit that career stalled when he resigned his position as PPS to the afore mentioned Hazel Blears over the decision to replace Trident; maybe he is trying to resurrect it and the BBC are trying to help him do that, but why?
  • For those not familiar with the term loyalty - in this case it refers to putting the American Citizen first.
  • Your loyalty is admirable, however I new nothing about crossfit prior to Tyler's blog site and the numerous video bits he has shown in the past (search crossfit and you should get about 10 hits if you include this blog).
  • I replied, ‘Your loyalty is appreciated even if misguided.’
  • I'm sure your loyalty is appreciated by the Clintons, and if so, you'll abide by her wishes in supporting the Democratic candidate that wins the nomination.


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