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What is the meaning of lucid in Hindi?

Meaning of lucid in Hindi is : स्वस्थ

Definition of word lucid

Examples of word lucid

  • The film quotes a streets-of-Brooklyn superhero who goes by the moniker Lucid, who says: "The N.Y.P.D., even the government, is completely unreliable."
  • Hopelessly Incapable of Standing in the Way EP back in 2005, but SCO gradually became dissatisfied with what they call Lucid's lackadaisical attitude toward promoting the EP and releasing the new album.
  • In the very near future you will probably only see a PDF version, but once Lucid is out and about, we will have a lot more spare time to focus our attention on producing different outputs - like an online HTML version with embedded videos etc.
  • 'Finestly' - a proposed theme for inclusion in Lucid Lynx - created a lot of reaction when we first blogged about it a few days ago.
  • If everything goes to plan, I think it would be silly to not include a version in Lucid and make it available for download at www. ubuntu.com.