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What is the meaning of lull in Hindi?

Meaning of lull in Hindi is : सुलाना

Definition of word lull

  • A period of rest or soothing (noun)
  • a period without waves or wind. (noun)
  • An extended pause between sets of waves. (noun)
  • To cause to rest by soothing influences; to compose; to calm; to soothe; to quiet. (verb)
  • of the surface of the sea, to not move due to a lack of wind and waves. (verb)

Examples of word lull

  • According to this Wisconsin whitetail fanatic, the lull is a fine time to take a buck, and the many big deer he's tagged during this period are proof.
  • KEEP AT IT Perhaps the main reason Below scores during the lull is the simplest: He keeps hunting.
  • What if the lull is because bloggers are busy working on Web 2.0 applications instead of merely talking about them.
  • "With even more dramatically falling housing supply, despite a short-term lull in the market, we're going to go back to that trend of over 10% growth," says Pane.
  • Police released Mr. Ghonim in early February, and his rousing speech before crowds of well-wishers in Tahrir Square helped break a lull in the revolutionary movement.


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