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What is the meaning of luxuriate in Hindi?

Meaning of luxuriate in Hindi is : मज़े लूटना

Definition of word luxuriate

  • To enjoy luxury. (verb)

Examples of word luxuriate

  • I love this stuff — it's pricey, but an oh so rich and delicious way to thicken and "luxuriate" this stew or most anything really.
  • She would stretch her legs and luxuriate in the sun.
  • Parking spaces luxuriate like civic sandpiles in the heart of Boston.
  • We produce less than 4% of the world's oil, but we luxuriate in using 25% of it.
  • I suspect in the end the show will be critic-proof and people will go to see both the winner of the TV talent contest and to luxuriate in the sumptuous visuals.


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