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What is the meaning of magnetic in Hindi?

Meaning of magnetic in Hindi is : चुम्बकीय

Definition of word magnetic

  • of, relating to, operating by, or caused by magnetism (adjective)

Examples of word magnetic

  • Asylmuratova is one of those rare artists who exemplify the term magnetic.
  • As the invisible electrons pass along a wire they produce what we call a magnetic field around the wire, they produce a disturbance in the surrounding ether.
  • Perhaps the most popularly known fact about sun-spots is that they are somehow connected with what we call magnetic storms on earth.
  • Now, the man you meet and whom you would not hesitate a moment to ask a favor of, is what I call a magnetic man.
  • Your relay has to be what we call a magnetic starter.
  • He claimed he could cure cancer with what he described as magnetic field vibrations and a "rife generator," for which he charged as much as $11,350 for treatment, police said.
  • There are therefore three "gradations" in magnetic sleep as described in the 1813 Ages: a simplification of the six stages outlined in C.A.F. Klüge's 1811 textbook on the subject, which culminate in "Universal Clarity" or the "removal of veils of time and space," such that "the subject perceives things hidden in the past [and] future"
  • It will also birth a new industry in magnetic weather modification.
  • Tons of paperclips in magnetic holders, post-it notes and separate containers for pens and pencils finish out that section.