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What is the meaning of magnetize in Hindi?

Meaning of magnetize in Hindi is : सम्मोहित करना

Definition of word magnetize

  • to make magnetic (verb)
  • to attract, allure or entice (someone) (verb)

Examples of word magnetize

    • Another point against which the medium should guard himself, is that of allowing others, indiscriminately, to "magnetize" him to "aid his development" or to "increase his power."
    • V4 Brazen -- > ..) * NOTE: After conforming "magnetize" the clothing for better posing.
    • When you live this way, you decrease your sense of separation from the good that is everywhere, activate your heart, and create an environment of such confidence and fulfillment that it can't help but improve your relationships and magnetize everything you need into your experience.
    • You have a clear purpose for what you are doing, and that vision serves to uplift aspirations, and both magnetize and galvanize yourself and others with a commitment for action.
    • How to banish that bu lly and magnetize the coolest bunch of friends a girl could ever want?