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What is the meaning of maidenhair in Hindi?

Meaning of maidenhair in Hindi is : पर्णांग

Definition of word maidenhair

  • Either of two species of fern with delicate, hair-like stalks, especially Adiantum capillus-veneris. (noun)
  • Designating various types of moss or flowering plants. (noun)
  • Either of two ericaceous plants, the creeping snowberry or the checkerberry. (noun)

Examples of word maidenhair

  • What it is: The extract of the leaves of the ginkgo plant (also known as the maidenhair tree).
  • They started their horses, but a dog-tooth violet, shouldering amongst the maidenhair, caught her eye and made her rein in again.
  • And all about them were ferns, a score of varieties, from the tiny gold-backs and maidenhair to huge brakes six and eight feet tall.
  • On the steep incline above the spring grew tiny maidenhair ferns, while higher up were larger ferns and brakes.
  • For an urban tree, he likes the gingko or maidenhair tree, a living fossil from prehistoric times that turns bright yellow in fall before dropping its leaves all at once.


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