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What is the meaning of maintenance in Hindi?

Meaning of maintenance in Hindi is : स‌ंधारण

Definition of word maintenance

  • Actions performed to keep some machine or system functioning or in service (noun)
  • A tort committed when a third party who does not have a bona fide interest in a lawsuit provides help or acquires an interest to a litigant's lawsuit. (noun)
  • A provision ordered to be made by way of periodical payments or a lump sum, as after a divorce for a spouse. (noun)

Examples of word maintenance

  • I was making $16.21 an hour, because I did some networking on the inside with a family friend who told me what I would need to learn in order to become a maintenance person, or what they called a maintenance technician, which is really just a janitor, but laughs that's a good title for it.
  • I ` m doing what they call maintenance chemo, a user-friendly chemo agent.
  • The square open-air cloister, like many other areas of the church, had forgotten the meaning of the word maintenance.
  • Roberts, one of the members of the Committee, is only anxious for what he calls the maintenance of liturgical tradition; he says that there is a science of liturgy, and that it is of the utmost importance to keep in touch with it.
  • Manage the development of annual and short term maintenance plans developed by the Portfolio Managers and ensure all associated work orders are designed and constructed in compliance with all City and State codes;