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What is the meaning of make in Hindi?

Meaning of make in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word make

  • To behave, to act. (verb)
  • To create, construct, or produce. (verb)
  • To form (e.g. a word out of morphemes, or a sentence out of words). (verb)
  • To constitute. (verb)
  • To interpret. (verb)
  • To bring into success. (verb)
  • To cause to be. (verb)
  • To cause to do. (verb)
  • To force to do. (verb)
  • To indicate or suggest to be. (verb)
  • To cover neatly with bedclothes. (verb)
  • To recognise, identify. (verb)
  • To arrive at a destination, usually at or by a certain time. (verb)
  • To proceed (in a direction). (verb)
  • To induct into the Mafia or a similar organization (as a made man). (verb)
  • To defecate or urinate. (verb)
  • To earn, to gain (compensation, reward, membership, or status). (verb)
  • To pay, to cover (an expense); chiefly used after expressions of inability. (verb)
  • Brand or kind; often paired with model. syn. transl. (noun)
  • How a thing is made; construction. syn. (noun)
  • Origin of a manufactured article; manufacture. syn. (noun)
  • Quantity produced, especially of materials. syn. (noun)
  • The act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing. syn. (noun)
  • A person's character or disposition. syn. (noun)
  • The declaration of the trump for a hand. (noun)
  • The closing of an electrical circuit. syn. (noun)
  • A software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility. (noun)
  • Recognition or identification, especially from police records or evidence. syn. (noun)
  • Past or future target of seduction (usually female). syn. (noun)
  • A promotion. (noun)
  • Mate; a spouse or companion. (noun)

Examples of word make

  • Plus, I like to check the quality of a book before I buy..make sure the glue is adequate and the cover isn't pulling away from the binding, check to make sure I am getting a 1st edition, etc.
  • I crossed the road of many Saakachvili's .. in their thirties or fourties, US-trained, long-teethed wolves fascinated by politics to make a carrier, ready to «make History» as long as History is flexible and obedient.
  • Climate change, he indicated, “will make scarce resources, clean water, viable agricultural land even scarcer”—and this will “make the emergence of violent conflict more rather than less likely.
  • "Fine feathers make fine birds," the old proverb tells us; but no amount of fine dressing will ever _make_ a lady.
  • It was as if a little mechanical toy should be contrived to make the motion of striking, and brilliantly _make_ it.


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