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What is the meaning of maker in Hindi?

Meaning of maker in Hindi is : हस्ताक्षरकर्ता

Definition of word maker

  • Someone who makes; a person or thing that makes or produces something. (noun)
  • God. (noun)
  • A poet. (noun)
  • Someone who signs a check or promissory note, thereby becoming responsible for payment. (noun)

Examples of word maker

  • I suggest using a label maker because the clarity of the print will speed up your retrieval time and the retrieval time of anyone else looking in your filing cabinet.
  • When creating your paper file, use a label maker to print the category name for your folder.
  • Jonathan had the label maker out and was typing a message.
  • She can also choose supplies she likes, assemble the tools herself, use a label maker or write out her own labels, and make decisions about how she wants her systems to look.
  • Using a label maker and a series of same-colored Post-its or squares of paper, give a title to every stack, drawer, shelf, and folder in your office.


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