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What is the meaning of malevolent in Hindi?

Meaning of malevolent in Hindi is : बुरा चाहने वाला

Definition of word malevolent

  • having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others (adjective)
  • having an evil or harmful influence (adjective)

Examples of word malevolent

    • Griffin grinned at her, his face wreathed in an expression of malevolent mischievousness.
    • Related to spam, but even more malevolent, is phishing -- a deliberate attempt to illegally gain access to personal information.
    • She pinpointed the locations of the positive ley lines under the ground, and carefully dowsed the inside of the church for noxious rays, evil emanations, and something she called malevolent attachments.
    • He calls her malevolent, naive and "essentially sour and without hope," and says she "writes as if personality, appearance, and attitude were the only things that mattered."
    • Certainly using the griefer tag is inappropriate as it immediately lumps in the incompetent with the malevolent, which is useless from a design perspective since both groups respond to very different carrots.


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