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What is the meaning of malicious in Hindi?

Meaning of malicious in Hindi is : विद्वेषपूर्ण

Definition of word malicious

  • Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite (adjective)
  • Deliberately harmful; spiteful (adjective)

Examples of word malicious

    • Note, this message would have to come from someone already in your Skype Contact List, as Skype's default privacy settings will not let you receive messages from people that you have not already authorized, hence the term malicious contact.
    • As questions from investors and analysts about Jefferies's financial strength swirled in November, the firm issued a letter to investors and customers in an attempt to defend the company from what it called "malicious lies."
    • CHETRY: Yes, but according to this report, and I mean, they say there were more than 54,000, what they call malicious acts against the Defense Department alone.
    • National police spokeswoman Director Sally de Beer said the rumours related to what she labelled malicious allegations of corruption against board members.
    • Ulysses knew, that a heavenly guide was with him in his wanderings; still less that what he called the malicious sport of fortune was, in truth, the earnest education of a Father ....


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