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What is the meaning of malignant in Hindi?

Meaning of malignant in Hindi is : संघाती

Definition of word malignant

  • Harmful, malevolent, injurious. (adjective)
  • Harmfully cancerous; as a malignant tumor. (adjective)

Examples of word malignant

    • _malignant_ and _poisonous_ affections, as scirrhus and other varieties of cancer, and also cases of infectious virus, demand continually, or with but occasional exceptions, the primary galvanic current A B. ☞ In treating these malignant affections, the current should be run through as short a distance of _healthy_ tissue as possible, yet so as fairly to reach the diseased part.
    • ‡ The term malignant is used in describing cancerous tumors (see cancer) because such growths are a threat to the health of the individual.
    • Congressman Foley is the poster child for what we call malignant narcissism.
    • Sure, there was that initial rush of anxiety at hearing the word "malignant" for the first time, but it was already disappearing by the time I got off the phone with the surgeon.
    • APL is characterized by the malignant proliferation of these immature promyelocytes.


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