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What is the meaning of man in Hindi?

Meaning of man in Hindi is : सैनिक

Definition of word man

  • An adult male human. (noun)
  • All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man. (noun)
  • An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult. (noun)
  • A mensch; a person of integrity and honor. (noun)
  • A piece or token used in board games such as chess. (noun)
  • A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing. (noun)
  • A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing. (noun)
  • Used to refer to oneself or one's group: I, we; construed in the third person. (noun)
  • A member of the species Homo sapiens, the genus Homo, or the subtribe Hominina. (noun)
  • An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone; sometimes, but not always, when actually addressing a man. (interjection)
  • To supply with staff or crew (of either sex). (verb)
  • To take up position in order to operate something. (verb)

Examples of word man

  • ËœEvery man or (a) donkey runsâ„¢, that is to say, whether only the term Ëœmanâ„¢ or the whole subject is distributed.
  • Kretzmann and Stump, p. For example, Ëœmanâ„¢ immediately signifies the concept man, but by mediation of the concept it signifies the second substance or form of man.
  • The owner of the Peony had that to his credit at least—no pilferage: an anxious man, a worried man—
  • I have more sympathy with Dante the man than Goethe the manÂ…
  • "But ... after you've been up against a proposition like that, and come through, it certainly makes a man feel like a _man_!"