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What is the meaning of manner in Hindi?

Meaning of manner in Hindi is : शैली

Definition of word manner

Examples of word manner

  • Manner, that is out of _their Power_ to embrace the Call, and so they perish as _unavoidably_ and _unjustly_, as though no such Call were extended.
  • If this Song had been written in the Gothic Manner, which is the Delight of all our little Wits, whether Writers or
  • If this Song had been written in the _Gothic_ Manner, which is the
  • AtC make an Angle of 3ad in like Manner, that is, with the Chord of 60, defcribe the Arch e f, and lay thereon 3od from g to h.
  • One such "Manner" being by referendum which is a legislative responsibilities delegated to the people by the legislature.


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