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What is the meaning of manufacture in Hindi?

Meaning of manufacture in Hindi is : शिल्प निर्माण करना

Definition of word manufacture

  • The action or process of making goods systematically or on a large scale. (noun)
  • Anything made, formed or produced; product. (noun)
  • The process of such production; generation, creation. (noun)
  • To make things, usually on a large scale, with tools and either physical labor or machinery. (verb)
  • To create goods from raw material, e.g. in a factory. (verb)
  • In a negative sense, to fabricate; to create false evidence to support a point. (verb)

Examples of word manufacture

  • The term manufacture is not defined in the treaty but, as I wrote about in my
  • When you can find product right now there is little variety in manufacture or size, simply buy what you can find.
  • I don't think any of us would question whether Dave has the experience to know what a cartridge or manufacture is capable of so if he sent this gun back because he expected more, that means the gun was underachieving.
  • Not long afterward, the question became: lend money at interest, or invest in manufacture?
  • The process requires trees, energy and chemicals, both in manufacture and distribution, all of which take their toll.


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