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What is the meaning of marching in Hindi?

Meaning of marching in Hindi is :

Definition of word marching

  • Present participle of march. (verb)
  • An action described by the verb "to march". (noun)

Examples of word marching

  • This is what they call the marching season and it typically produces quite a bit of tension.
  • Before I came on board, Osun State had deposited about N288 million in the board's account waiting for what we call marching grant from Abuja.
  • I also laughed uproariously when two of the Jackasses, dressed in marching band uniforms, climbed into a pen with a very aggressive ram, under the pretense of trying to sooth the savage beast with music.
  • In Paris, huge crowds started marching from the Place d'Italie in the south toward the gilded-domed Invalides, where Napoleon is buried.
  • November 7th, 2009 at 4: 13 pm fuckin marching band


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