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What is the meaning of mark in Hindi?

Meaning of mark in Hindi is : संकेत करना

Definition of word mark

  • boundary, land in a boundary (noun)
  • characteristic, sign, visible impression (noun)
  • indicator of position, objective etc. (noun)
  • attention (noun)
  • To indicate in some way for later reference. (verb)
  • To take note of. (verb)
  • To blemish, scratch, or stain. (verb)
  • To indicate the correctness of and give a score to an essay, exam answers, etc. (verb)
  • To catch the ball directly from a kick of 15 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick. (verb)
  • To follow a player not in possession of the ball when defending, to prevent them receiving a pass easily. (verb)
  • To put a marker in the place of one's ball. (verb)
  • A measure of weight (especially for gold and silver), once used throughout Europe, equivalent to 8 oz. (noun)
  • An English and Scottish unit of currency (originally valued at one mark weight of silver), equivalent to 13 shillings and fourpence. (noun)
  • Any of various European monetary units, especially the base unit of currency of Germany between 1948 and 2002, equal to 100 pfennigs. (noun)
  • A mark coin. (noun)
  • Alternative form of march (said to be easier to pronounce while giving a command). (verb)

Examples of word mark

  • That is, by setting mark to true when garbage collecting, we "mark" the cell, indicating it is accessible.
  • I strongly believe that someone coined this phrase, started using it, and the fear and hate directed at the banks made the term "mark to fantasy" a truth to everyone who has heard it.
  • NHL, the NHL Shield and the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League.
  • The 500 days referred to in the title mark the time between when Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) first sets his eyes on Summer
  • And the weakness of the mark is almost certainly enough to defeat this claim.


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