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What is the meaning of mbira in Hindi?

Meaning of mbira in Hindi is :

Definition of word mbira

  • Any of several musical instruments, similar to a marimba, having a small sound box fitted with a row of tuned tabs that are plucked with the thumbs. (noun)

Examples of word mbira

  • This year there was marimba, mbira which is a type of traditional thumb piano, pop singing, classical singing, African drums, dance and instrumental.
  • It sits beside a thumb piano, or mbira, I received in the Kalahari.
  • Yet on Mr. Bona's windowsill sits a Grammy Award for guitarist Pat Metheny's 2002 album "Speaking of Now," on which Mr. Bona sang and played percussion; and beside it is a Les Victoires du Jazz, the French equivalent of a Grammy, for his 2006 "Tiki," on which he played five different instruments in addition to bass—from guitar and keyboards to the mbira, a thumb-piano common in many parts of Africa.
  • Anyway, there's also an interesting mix of mbira music by women from Zimbabwe.
  • He sat down on my floor and immediately set about educating me in mbira lore.
  • One of its jewels is the music of the mbira, an instrument that has been used for thousands of years for spiritual practice as well as for purely musical gatherings.
  • It is through the mbira that that the ancestors are called upon to intercede for the supplicant.
  • When I interviewed Nora Balaban who studied mbira in Zimbabwe, she told me of a master player named Garikayi Tirikoti who was living only a few city blocks from me.
  • Garakayi is in Zimbabwe now, but he is returning, and he wants to put together a 28 piece mbira orchestra.