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What is the meaning of meager in Hindi?

Meaning of meager in Hindi is : तुच्छ

Definition of word meager

  • Having little flesh; lean; thin. (adjective)
  • Poor, deficient or inferior in amount, quality or extent; paltry; scanty; inadequate; unsatisfying. (adjective)

Examples of word meager

    • Republicans on both committees complained about the speed at which the bills are being pushed through the legislature, the lack of hearings on the proposals and what they called the meager information about what they would actually cost per job created.
    • McCain started off his campaign stacking his long resume against what he characterized as the meager accomplishments of slick talking Ivy League upstart.
    • Miss Blau's temperament is not adapted to the type of regimentation which occurs nowadays when only intense cooperations make it possible to obtain meager results from a tremendously expensive piece of apparatus. 23
    • They handed them out in meager portions, a dollar at a time if you were lucky, so each quarter had to last.
    • I admit freely, that I don't choose to live in meager circumstances, and indeed many of my neighbors have a great deal more than I do economically, and educations that surpass my mere 4 years of University training, which is why they have no problem purchasing the $200.000.00 homes in my neighborhood and purchasing all the anemities that go with this lifestyle.


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