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What is the meaning of meandered in Hindi?

Meaning of meandered in Hindi is :

Definition of word meandered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of meander. (verb)

Examples of word meandered

  • Bear River has again meandered into a valley, at the mouth of Talma's Fork; thus far it varies from fifty to one hundred yards wide, is rapid and seldom fordable; its naked borders present nothing but an occasional lone cluster of willows, save in
  • TORONTO: JOSE BAUTISTA, OF Until this season, he was probably not even the best-known Jose Bautista in major league history; a pitcher by that name meandered through five teams from 1988 to 1997.
  • When the original GLO survey was made, the surveyors, upon reaching a stream, were supposed to determine if in fact, that stream should be "meandered".
  • Button just kind of meandered along through the life of the lead and possibly turned off audiences because of it, so I can see how this might appeal to Fincher.
  • As fanatically demanding of attention as Jude was when I came over, Scout, in contrast, made no noise at all, just kind of meandered in & stuck his nose in my face...


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