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What is the meaning of meaningless in Hindi?

Meaning of meaningless in Hindi is : महत्वहीन

Definition of word meaningless

  • Lacking meaning (adjective)
  • insignificant. (adjective)

Examples of word meaningless

    • As Greenwald points out, the use of the 'anti-Semitism' charge against ordinary every day non-bigotted people who just don't agree with some policy of Israel or of the American Enterprise Institute risks making the term meaningless and cheapening it, which can hardly be good for the Jews.
    • There are some who are more successful than others, but I find the term meaningless as regards publishing and writing.
    • '' But I don't believe in the term meaningless friendly.
    • In its designation report, the commission cited as important the very elements it then permitted to be irrevocably altered, rendering the designation meaningless.
    • But, Obeid said the NCP is not interested in what he described as meaningless threats and ultimatums from the opposition.


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