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What is the meaning of meaninglessness in Hindi?

Meaning of meaninglessness in Hindi is : निरर्थकता

Definition of word meaninglessness

  • The state of lacking meaning; the quality of being meaningless. (noun)
  • Anything that is meaningless. (noun)

Examples of word meaninglessness

    • I've just finished an article which addresses some of the issues that have come up in this comments trail, notably the 'meaninglessness' of certain aspects of MMOs.
    • Police later recovered a suicide note, in which he wrote about the "meaninglessness" of life.
    • The endless parsing of some sections of the Proclamation on the Family, and the possibility of defending sometimes precisely opposite positions with reference to it, suggest that it is a prime example of the sort of "meaninglessness" Orwell is talking about.
    • People are haunted by a feeling of meaninglessness which is often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness … "
    • It sprang up as an outlet to give the voiceless a voice, and meaninglessness some meaning.


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