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What is the meaning of medicinal in Hindi?

Meaning of medicinal in Hindi is : रोगहर

Definition of word medicinal

  • Having the properties of medicine, or pertaining to medicine; medical. (adjective)
  • Tending or used to cure disease or relieve pain. (adjective)
  • Tasting like medicine; particularly of sweetish artificial flavours similar to cherry, almond or licorice. (adjective)

Examples of word medicinal

  • The term medicinal plants, when interpreted broadly, includes all plants whose usefulness is derived from specific phytochemicals produced as secondary derivatives of major metabolic pathways (Thomas and Mbenkum, 1987).
  • We are trying to see how Tope can become a little gold mine to contribute convertible currency to the national economy, perhaps from something like what we call medicinal tourism or medical tourism, which is growing in our country due to Cuba's prestige in the field of medicine.
  • I also visited the stand [preceding word in English] where they are serving what they call medicinal tea.
  • To me, its just one of those innumerable Mystery Ingredients that I used to have to consume in Chinese 'medicinal' soups as a child whose name I could never remember :
  • Aztec Indians were believed to have burned the fibers of certain medicinal native plants to obtain ash used in forming a type of soap for cleansing.


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