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What is the meaning of medicine man in Hindi?

Meaning of medicine man in Hindi is :

Definition of word medicine man

Examples of word medicine man

  • While DJing in Toronto a few months ago, my friend and colleague Richard "medicineman" Martin, who hosts "No Man's Land" on CIUT, dropped this massive half-step reggae bomb filled with the most intense clarinet solo I had ever heard on the dance floor.
  • My painting-room has become so great a lounge, and I so great a "medicineman", that all other amusements are left, and all other topics of conversation and gossip are postponed for future considerstion.
  • Log in to Reply needed this Ying to the Morris Yang medicineman
  • Log in to Reply medicineman- Are you saying that you are not a supporter
  • Watched Stupak Town Hall this past weekend. medicineman
  • She bows her old head to a voice that speaks to her loudly, her bonesetter, her medicineman: me she slights.
  • We pay a special tribute to the medicineman, Mr. Charles Obuya for his interest in our collaboration.
  • The traditional medicine for bronchial asthma was identified through interaction with a medicineman, Mr. Charles Obuya during field research.
  • In comparison, the local healer and medicineman is part of the culture.
  • Thus when the traditional medicineman or medicinewoman dies, he or she is gone with the rich invaluable information unrecorded.


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