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What is the meaning of meeting in Hindi?

Meaning of meeting in Hindi is : सम्मेलन

Definition of word meeting

  • Present participle of meet. (verb)
  • A gathering of people/parties for a purpose. (noun)
  • The people at such a gathering, as a collective. (noun)
  • An encounter between people, even accidental. (noun)
  • A place or instance of junction or intersection. (noun)

Examples of word meeting

  • I imagine that most writers blanch and shudder upon meeting meeting meeting*, then reach for the internalized thesaurus...
  • We look forward to the next Senior Officials meeting to be held next year in Cartagena, Colombia and the Ministerial meeting� in the Philippines in 2003.
  • The next meeting, in this case, would be an “adjourned meeting” of the same session.
  • This offer I cheerfully accepted, and I thought no more of the business till I saw it publicly announced that a meeting would be held on Portsdown-Hill, on the 10th day of February, _the very day that was fixed for holding the third Spafields meeting_; and that was done without consulting or saying
  • So that the meeting of proletarian and bourgeois, when they do succeed in meeting, is not always the embrace of long-lost brothers; too often it is the clash of alien cultures which can only meet in war.


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