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What is the meaning of menopausal in Hindi?

Meaning of menopausal in Hindi is : रजोनिवृत्ति संबंधी

Definition of word menopausal

  • Of, or pertaining to the menopause (adjective)
    की, या रजोनिवृत्ति से संबंधित

Examples of word menopausal

  • Colorectal cancer, breast cancer in menopausal women and endometrial cancer accounted for 65% of all cancers linked to being fat.
  • As a practicing gynecologist caring for women in menopause, however, I find myseld a little more critical of the original study design, which enrolled primarily asymptomatic women on average 10 years post menopausal, which is not how HRT is generally used.
  • This was like what Nana had described as a menopausal hot flash.
  • For while NARAL and other more established pro-choice groups may be headed by the so-called menopausal militia, there are still plenty of younger women involved with the cause.
  • As to what to call yourself, you are not "menopausal".
  • The tipping of Melanie's once admirable polemical style into a kind of menopausal hysteria has now become tediously dogmatic.
  • What not to do: Label your colleague as "menopausal," make jokes about menopause or discriminate against her.
  • "menopausal" symptoms like sleep disruption and hot flashes
  • My tribute to a certain type of writer, one that is apparently knows what people want and don't want to read (e.g. "people don't want to read about menopausal women.")