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What is the meaning of mention in Hindi?

Meaning of mention in Hindi is : वर्णित करना

Definition of word mention

Examples of word mention

  • Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services
  • Mention is made of some strange, as yet unidentified, giant sea slugs "at the mouth of the Red Sea at Bab el-Mandeb" near Djibouti.
  • Question: Mention is made of contacting “your” insurance adjuster.
  • "Mention is made by Stowe of a foolish little tailor of the City of London who about that time [1588] suffered his imagination to be so much inflamed by dwelling on the perfections of his liege lady, 'that he whined himself to death for love of her.'"
  • Mention is made in the prophecy of a colt, the foal of an ass; and therefore Christ sent for the colt with the ass, that the scripture might be fulfilled.


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