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What is the meaning of mere in Hindi?

Meaning of mere in Hindi is : हद

Definition of word mere

  • famous. (adjective)
  • the sea (noun)
  • a pool; a small lake or pond; marsh (noun)
  • boundary, limit; a boundary-marker; boundary-line (noun)
  • To limit; bound; divide or cause division in. (verb)
  • To set divisions and bounds. (verb)
  • a Maori war-club (noun)

Examples of word mere

  • The manner in which Sabbatarians emphasize the phrase “My Sabbath,” and “My holy day,” is well calculated to mislead the unsuspecting, but those who are schooled in biblical literature will regard it as mere _rant_, _cheap theology_, _mere display_!
  • Are we to suppose then that the insanity of the third character, the Fool, is, in this respect, a mere repetition of that of the second, the beggar, -- that it too is _mere_ pretence?
  • Pompilia shone with a glory that mere knowledge could not give (if there were such a thing as _mere_ knowledge).
  • Ma mere qui me pointe le bouquin de tele le doigt sur un programme "tiens regarde ca devrait t'interesser" ... * pinku mate* "la nuit Gay des Lesbiennes" ... * jete un oeil a sa mere* "faut pas pousser non plus ...
  • Another subject I recently interviewed blamed what he called mere "centa-millionaires" for the breakdown in exclusivity of his elitist world.


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