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What is the meaning of merry in Hindi?

Meaning of merry in Hindi is : हर्षपुर्ण

Definition of word merry

  • Jolly and full of high spirits (adjective)
  • Festive and full of fun and laughter (adjective)
  • Brisk (adjective)
  • happy or showing enjoyment (adjective)
  • Examples of word merry

    • But ere morning broke in upon them, many of the merry group were lying in a beastly state under the chairs and tables, or others had gone to bed; but this is what _they_ called spending a _merry night_.
    • I use the term merry men not just as a very poor pun, but also because it perfectly encapsulates the group as an antagonistic presence in Hellsing.
    • A new song is better to him than a new jacket, especially if bawdy, which he calls merry; and hates naturally the puritan, as an enemy to this mirth.
    • With an armed population, the things that happened in merry olde England wouldn't be repeated - hopefully.
    • I have to just point out to Jamie though that judgement is actually how we spell it over here in merry old England.


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