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What is the meaning of messiest in Hindi?

Meaning of messiest in Hindi is :

Definition of word messiest

  • superlative form of messy: most messy. (adjective)

Examples of word messiest

  • Cyrill Halog, wearing what she called her messiest Ranger sweatshirt, leafed through the local newspaper in between bites of breakfast at Connie's Cafe in Bull Shoals on a lazy Friday morning.
  • And finally, a woman who I can only describe as the messiest human being on the planet.
  • There's no indication of any kind of messiest area of any kind whatsoever, as I mentioned in my prepared remarks earlier, physicians continue to tell us that they intend to continue to use mesh with their patients, who have prolapse and incontinence.
  • Which is the messiest and most mundane thing of all.
  • Bank of America Corp. is suing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. over $1.75 billion in losses suffered by investors in a subsidiary of mortgage lender Taylor Bean & Whittaker, the latest legal fallout from one of the messiest collapses in the nation's mortgage securitization meltdown.


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