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What is the meaning of metropole in Hindi?

Meaning of metropole in Hindi is :

Definition of word metropole

  • A metropolis; the main city of a country or area. (noun)
  • The parent-state of a colony. (noun)
  • A bishop's see. (noun)

Examples of word metropole

  • Post-colonial theorists have worked hard to show this wasn’t true — that the colonies did influence what they call the metropole, or Britain.
  • "Although the list is not yet completed, we have already nominated and accepted the mayoral candidate for the metropole, which is myself."
  • Before they built that Big Wall, when you had to drive your post-suburban vehicle forty-five minutes to welcome women and gays and everybody in the metropole who knew how to get to the Home Depot.
  • One result of this grand, narcissistic vision was the eradication of the first Americans; another was the eventual shifting of the North Atlantic imperial metropole from London to the Boston-Washington corridor.
  • The Burgers 'growing livestock wealth and expanding land claims, ever further from the center of colonial authority, were accompanied by increasing displays of domestic niceties associated with social status in the metropole and in the colonial heart of Cape Town. 24


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