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What is the meaning of mettlesome in Hindi?

Meaning of mettlesome in Hindi is :

Definition of word mettlesome

  • Of great mettle; courageous. (adjective)

Examples of word mettlesome

  • The primeval versions of Alone in the Dark were critically panned, and with beatific reason: the mettlesome was a preventative mess.
  • Media figures seemingly unmoored from the moderating influence of superego, revealing cheerily oblivious chauvinism (Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann) and impressively mettlesome candor about gender bias (Couric, Campbell Brown).
  • WOW Accounts is the biggest, best, and most poems MMORPG mettlesome to date.
  • If you are into activity recording games and the same then digit much mettlesome you should countenance into is WOW Accounts.
  • It is a super sort whichever way you countenance at it, and resistless to actualize how some grouping is populating the globe of Azeroth where the mettlesome of Warcraft takes place.